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Radnor 250ml tetra pak.jfif

Fuel Fitness the Right Way

Rethink recovery at your next sports event with our unique Radnor + Vits drinks. Jampacked with essential vitamins and minerals from B12 to Folic Acid and Vitamin D, this tasty post-workout drink features sustainable tetra packaging and a foil cap for ease of removal after your big event. Sugar and preservative-free, your fitness journey is supported, right to the finish line with Radnor + Vits functional drink.

Champion Sustainability at Your Next Even

If you’re a sports event organiser, you probably have a shared experience with Everdurance – one that involves a lot of discarded plastic water bottles at the finish line. We want to change that. Whether it is a marathon or ironman, there is no running away from plastic pollution. Stop playing ball with the planet and choose a sustainable alternative from Everdurance.

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