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Our Sustainable Story

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What makes Everdurance epic?

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A spark of inspiration can come from anywhere.

For us, the starting point of Everdurance was at the finish line of a marathon, which was chock-full of cheerful runners… and hundreds of used plastic bottles.

This got our cogs turning, and the carton company, Everdurance, was born. Offering a sustainable alternative to single-use plastic bottles, we’ve made it our mission to distribute planet-conscious cartons to companies across the UK.

A change in the water.

In the past decade, there has been a “sea change” in attitudes towards ocean-based plastics, and we want to help businesses meet consumer demands for environmental accountability. Our wide range of delicious spring water and flavoured drinks come in cartons that are not only 100% recyclable and sourced from FSC certified forests, but they also keep your beverage chilled for longer than plastic. Pretty cool, right?

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Not just hydration.

At Everdurance, we began by supplying sustainable cartons for our drinks after seeing the environmental impact of plastic bottles.


Now, we also supply UK retailers with recycled material products, such as bags made from rPET, canvas, and recycled cotton.


While we take pride in delivering products of the highest quality, the most notable aspects of our merchandise are not necessarily visible.

Reliving Recycled.

Each of our products represents a significant reduction in carbon footprint and water consumption compared to its virgin material counterpart.


As a result, we have curated a collection of recycled products that our stockists can showcase to reflect their commitment to sustainability. Our assortment includes a wide variety of recycled materials such as plastic bottles, leather, felt, paper, and stone, all of which marry sustainability with superior quality at an affordable price point.

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Become a Stocist

Become a Stockist.

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If you purchase through CREOATE you could save up to £300 on your first order with 60 days of credit.

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Faire is offering £100 your first order and 1 year of free shipping.



World's biggest wind turbine

In partnership with Second Bite

Set in Blyth, the worlds largest wind turbine has made the journey to be erected in the North Sea. As operated by GE (General Electric) the site has to be as sustainable as possible. We're proud to have been picked to supply drinks to the site via Second Bite.

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115 New Bridge Street, Newcastle, NE1 2SW

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